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About BestCab

BestCab is a 100% black owned smart e-Hailing Application. Our mission is to deliver an App that will be safe, reliable, dependable and affordable for both passengers and drivers, while giving the best 24/7 customer support in all 11 South African Languages. Now with BestCab, the mission is a reality.

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BestCab Features

Roadworthy Vehicles

All vehicles on our platform are checked for roadworthiness. We only allow vehicles up to 10years old and with service history

Improved Safety

We only allow safe pick-up and drop-off points in all departures and destinations, especially in malls or shopping centres

24/7 Customer Support

We are available on the clock to address any issues experienced on the app. We have walk-in offices available for enquiries. Call/SMS/WhatsApp/Email and we'll respond immediately

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Become a Driver

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Provident Fund

We're the 1st e-Hailing App in S.A to offer provident fund to drivers. BestCab contributes back 13% from it's commission to every driver

UIF Benefits

Our Drivers are valuable to our business... We treat them like our employees and partners. That's why we give them UIF benefits

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition on both Drivers and Passengers on suspicious accounts or requests

Earn Weekly

Our Drivers Earn up to R8000 per week

24/7 Support

We're available to attend to all driver queries or issues at any time

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